Rimmel Brow This Way – REVIEW

Rimmel Brow This Way – REVIEW

Today I’m going to review the Rimmel Brow This Way. This is a tinted brow styling gel that comes in 3 shades.


I am between two minds with this product. The pros are that it really does coat every lash and make my brows look thicker. It also stays put all day, which is a big plus!

photo 3

However, I find that while applying the product, that it can be quite clumpy on my brows which doesn’t look good. I find that you have to have quite a light hand when applying this to your brows to get the best result. Or alternatively, you could wipe the excess product from the wand but I find that that would lead to a lot of waste.

I really like the final result of this product but as I said; you need a light hand. Other than that I have no complaints. You just need a bit of patience. For the price I recommend this product as it definitely gives you thicker brows.

What are your go-to drugstore brow products?


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