P.S. Love This Brush Cleanser

P.S. Love This Brush Cleanser

After being on the hunt for a few weeks for a reasonably priced make-up brush cleanser to use in between deep cleans, I think I’ve finally found a good one!

I’ve been looking online for a good, but more importantly cheap, brush cleanser for spot-cleaning and after all my research I came across the P.S. Love This Make-Up Brush Cleanser by Pennys/Primark. It’s only €2.50 and you get 125ml. From what I’ve heard these are very hard to get your hands on but luckily for me I got the last two in my local Pennys.

So of course the second I got home I tested it out and sure enough it lived up to all the hype. There isn’t a very strong smell off it at all which is great if you have to clean a lot of brushes. The bottle instructs you to spray the product directly onto the brush and rub on a paper towel. But I found it to be more effective to spray the product onto the paper towel first and then rub the brush on it. The brushes dry very quickly after being cleansed and the cleanser can be used on natural and synthetic bristles.




I used these brushes to blend dark eyeshadow and to apply black gel liner. Hopefully you can see from the pictures how well the product was removed with only a few sprays of cleanser and a few swirls on a paper towel.

Overall I am very impressed with this product. It was definitely worth the €2.50! I don’t recommend skipping your deep clean but this is great for keeping your brushes clean between then. It will reduce the amount of bacteria spread by reusing your brushes without cleaning and it will make it easier to switch to different colour shadows. I highly recommend this product!!

Let me know if you’ve tried this and what you thought or if you know of any other budget cleaners out there that you recommend.

Thanks for reading,


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