The Beginning Of My Fitness Journey…

The Beginning Of My Fitness Journey…

Hi everyone!

So recently with the fine weather we’ve been having here in Ireland, I’ve decided to use it to my advantage and get out and get active. I found that in the cold, winter months all I was doing was staying in and eating pizza. Although that sounds nice, it wasn’t very good for me.

I’m not hugely into fitness so the changes I have made are very small but getting in that extra bit of exercise feels good!

The main thing I have started doing is walking/jogging…(mostly walking until my fitness improves). I’ve started walking to and from work everyday and then going on a longer, more fast-paced walk after work.

I felt that if I was going to keep this up it was only right that I got suitable footwear. So I treated myself and got the Nike Free Run’s 5.0 and I have to say that they are worth every cent! (I got mine at Lifestyle Sports, Cork)

Nike Free Run 5.0

Another tool I’m using to aid these little workouts is the Pacer app recommended to me by my sister over at joyfullantidotes. I use this app to basically monitor the steps I take every day and the distance I walk. I also use the GPS workout option as I like to compare my walks daily to see if I am improving. The GPS workout maps where you go, how many steps you take, how long it takes you, and the distance traveled.

Pacer App

That’s basically it for my fitness so far. I can’t promise that I’ll actually keep it up, although I would love to, but I’ll try. I also do some workouts at home but I won’t go into detail on them as they are just quick videos I find on YouTube.

Finally, I got a smoothie maker a few months ago and it was left in the cupboard as I couldn’t find any recipes that I liked the taste of. But with my new fitness kick, I thought I’d give it another go as a nice was to incorporate some more healthy foods into my diet. Luckily, after more experimenting, I came across this one and found it very tasty as well as healthy so I thought to finish out this post I’d share the recipe with you.

1 cup of mixed berries

1 whole banana

1/2 cup of yogurt (I used low fat)

1/4 cup of milk of your choice (I used almond)



Berry Banana Smoothie

I hope you guys enjoyed this post (and the smoothie!). I’ll update as soon as there is anything worth updating. In the meantime I’d love to know what you guys do to stay active and motivated and also if you have any healthy smoothie recipes you’d like to share!?


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